Monday, March 30, 2009

New week, new life???

Well, here is is Monday again. Is this the week that I will start something new in my life. Nothing too drastic of course but I am ready for something new. Something fun and exciting. What though? Perhaps I will start to exercise again. God knows I need to. But that isn't really anyhting new nor exciting. Maybe I'll start to get my house in order. I've been threatening to do this for the past 20 years, is this the week I start? No, not that one. If we ever decide to move I'll grab all the good stuff and just bomb the place. It will be a lot easier to clean then. My best friend upped and moved and is starting a whole new life. In some ways it sounds wonderful. New home, new love. I honestly don't think I want that big of a change. I love my husband and I like my home, except for the clutter. My husband won't throw anything out. He feels we may need all this stuff someday. You never know when that empty deodorant can lid will come in handy. That's a whole new story I'll touch on some other time. I would love to figure out what I would like to be when I grow up. Being I'm over 50 I really don't have much more time to figure this out. With the rate I'm going I'll be retiring the week after I start. I've always thought it would be really cool to own my own business. The problem is I don't know what kind of business and with the economy the way it is it is not exactly the ideal time to guess. With owning a one year old Old English Sheepdog I though an indoor dog park would be neat. I would make it look like the Central Park but inside so it could be open year round. There would be huge trees, astro turf (so we could just hose off the doggie diamonds (my dad's name for dog poo) into a special filtration system, big fluffy clouds hanging from the ceiling. There would be benches for the people and a big "grassy area" for ball or friebee playing with your dog. Perhaps would open it up in a shopping mall so people could shop and take their dogs along too. Just an idea. Anybody out there have any ideas???

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  1. Oops, I put my first comment on the wrong one. I just found this tonight.....I was looking for your email address to give to a mutual friend, found that funny story from Texas A&M that you sent, and then found this. Eventually I'll figure out how to get into this properly, but it may be beyond me and the daughter is too sick tonight to ask. Of course, if she finds out about this, you may never get rid of her. Unless she already gave you her Facebook stuff - I certainly don't have it. Probably better that way. I hope you have a lot of fun with this blog....nice picture of Daisy too.