Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Smell Of Christmas Is In The Air

OK, is it just me or is anyone else annoyed that the stores are putting Christmas stuff out and it's only the middle of September? I was in Kohl's today (a dept. store for those of you that don't shop) and they have their entire Christmas department set up, decorated trees and all. This is crazy. I haven't even gotten my Halloween things out yet ( I did see a few of my neighborhoods had their ghosts and such out already, personally, I think it's even a bit early for that, but at least it is the next holiday on the calendar).
Back to Kohl's. As you walk down one isle your eyes take in pumpkins, black cats, turkeys, a pilgrim or two, Santa, assorted nutcrackers, Nativities and reindeer. Does no one else find this an odd combination for the mind to digest? It's no wonder I'm always feeling stressed out. I can't deal with three major holidays at once. I can't handle them one at a time. A law should be passed. No holiday before its time law. When one holiday passes then and only then can you set up for the next one. I don't know about you but I don't want to see any kids pictures taken at the mall where they're sitting between the Easter Bunny and Santa on the same big chair.

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