Saturday, September 12, 2009

Autumn Is On Its Way

I love when the seasons just begin to change, and Autumn is one of my favorites. The day time sky turns a deeper blue filled with big, white, billowy clouds. The mornings start with a chill in the air that burn off by early afternoon and then return again as the sun sets. Sweater weather at its finest. The trees are just beginning to change into their kaleidoscope of colors and the stores are stocking their shelves with pumpkins and Halloween candy. Ah, Autumn. I my favorite apple and pumpkin recipes to the front of my recipe box. All the pink and yellow summer flowers will be replaced with red and orange mums. My shorts will be packed away, being replaced with jeans and khaki's. But sadly it isn't all good. Soon it will be dark by dinner time and the days will be too cold to go outside. Snow shovels will replace the garden trowels. And as the rotted pumpkins are discarded the trees will take on their lifeless forms. The gray skies of Winter will cast their shadows over the land and we'll have to wait until Spring for the world to take on the feeling that all is bright and new again. But I do so enjoy Autumn while it's here; caramel apples, pumpkin pie,Halloween, sweaters, colorful trees, mums, cool days, flannel pajamas.....

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