Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Coffee Maker Is Trouble

Coffee. What a wonderful discovery. I cannot image a morning without it. Eighteen years ago coffee ice cream was the only way you could get me to indulge in anything coffee flavored. But after giving birth to a child that would only sleep in 20 minute increments for the first 2 1/2 years of his life, coffee became a necessity for survival. I'm sure fruit or something super healthy would have been a better choice but coffee was convenient. It took very little preparation and it was always available wherever I went; malls, in-laws, mothers groups. Usually one cup at breakfast was all I needed, but that has all changed this week. On Tuesday to be exact. I just won a Keurig coffeemaker in a contest and Fed Ex dropped it off at my door Tuesday morning. Just in case you aren't familiar with Keurig, they make single serve coffeemakers that take those little pods you see at Bed Bath and Beyond and various other stores. I have to say that this invention is wonderful for lazy people like me. You fill the maker with water, place a pod in the machine, push a button and a single cup of coffee is made in about 30 seconds. You throw the pod out put a new one in and you're good to go for the next cup. It can't get much easier than that, unless you're at a coffee shop. And to make it even better there are 100's of options available, and coffee isn't your only choice, they also have hot chocolate and teas in almost as many flavors as the coffee. But there is a done side to all this ease. This frigin' machine is so easy that I am up to 3-4 cups a day since Tuesday. I've almost emptied the 18-pack sampler that came with the machine. I am like a junkie on the Keurig site trying to decide what to try next. I know I have to stop this but I can't . I'm hoping that the newness of it is causing my lack of control and that I can start cutting back before my online order gets delivered. If not, next time you hear a Fed Ex truck going down the street take a look out your window, you just might see me with coffee foaming out of my mouth chasing it.

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  1. Thought you weren't supposed to have that much caffeine! Liz told me about it....her friend Amy's mother just got one,but they haven't hooked it up yet. She was telling them how much you like your machine. Trust you to have won it! At least now I know what to get you for Christmas.