Sunday, April 19, 2009

One of THOSE Days

Yesterday was one of those days that I should have stayed in bed. It started out just fine. It was finally warm enough to be called Spring. It wasn't raining. Which isn't something I've been able to say too often lately. It was really quite lovely. That is until I started doing my laundry. I threw a load into the washer and then headed upstairs to do my hair and makeup. I should have taken the clues from my dog at the top of the stairs. She kept listening as if there was a strange noise in the house. Well, between my noisy hair dryer (you'd think they could make these things quieter) and my singing (I only do this when I'm home alone) I didn't hear a thing.
With my hair and makeup looking great (yea right) I headed downstairs to throw my first load of laundry into the dryer. I knew as soon as I stepped on the carpet outside the laundry room door (which is actually my family room) that the washer tub had overflowed. It's happen before so I knew what to expect, or did I? This time it was different. Two full tubs of water had flowed over the tub and onto the floor and the tub was still full to the top. I was standing in an inch of water and was not a happy camper.
Now, we've lived in our house for over twenty years and have collected more stuff than we will ever need. Our laundry room is home to a lot of it. This room is the usual laundry room shape, long and narrow. Along with the washer and dryer there is also the tub (where the water is suppose to go), a cabinet to store detergent and such, another larger cabinet with toys my son out grew fifteen years ago, a treadmill (that I really need to get my butt on before it gets any bigger and I don't fit in this room any more), a bookcase with extra copier paper and other stuff , another bookcase with cleaning supplies on it and two DVD shelving units. You are probably asking yourself "How can she get in the room and move", trust me it is a challenge but I can be a very determined woman when need be, plus I have unnaturally long arms (it's a family thing).
It took me two and a half hours to pull out each piece to dry underneath of them. Yes, the room did need cleaning but that is not the way I like to do it. But to be totally honest, this is usually the only way this room ever gets clean. At least I can check this room off my list until a clogged drain forces me to clean it again. Now I'm off to clean the family room rug. Its got a huge water stain on it.

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