Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another One of THOSE Days

Juts when you think your day is going well the bottom can fall right out of it. Monday was one of those fun filled days. It started at the vets office getting the stitches out of Daisy's neck. She somehow punctured her neck and had to have a drainage tube put in and then removed. This was followed by the funeral of a friend of mine whose mother passed away. Now these were actually the good part of my day (definitely not Daisy's or my friend's mom, but mine at this point was OK). I decided after the funeral to get my food shopping done since I knew Daisy was in good hands at home with my hubby. This too went well even though I spent the entire time drenched from head to toe from the monsoon that hit our area. Arriving home, with my arms loaded with bags, I made a quick dash from the car to my front door. As I reached the doors threshold my wet shoes hit the entry way floor and went into a skid. Luckily my head banging into the glass on our front door stopped my progress. As I worked my way into the kitchen I could feel the blood trickling down my face. I dropped the bags onto the kitchen table and made my way to the sink. Now you would think this would be an easy task, and for most it would be, but for me, no. My second step took on a very mushy feel. I was now standing in the dogs food dish that was filled with Fresh Fit cubes of chicken, rice and carrots. At this point I could do one of two things, cry (which is seldom one of my choices) or laugh. Being one of those demented people that can find humor at funerals, laughing was my only real option. MY head hurt like hell but really needed a laugh and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Now you can only image my husbands reaction to this whole scene, and knowing me as well as he does, he found it as funny as I did. Yea, I know we are weird, but hey who cares.
So, you think this is the end of my fun day? If you said yes you would be so wrong. While putting the food away I headed down our basement stairs to store the bargains I just got and guess what I found, water flowing across the floor. Like the laundry room flood on Saturday wasn't enough, here I go again. Wet vac in hand I set off to suck it dry. It was a good thing I hadn't changed my wet garb yet, at least I won't destroy two sets of clothes that day.
So the day ended with a 3/4 inch gash under my eyebrow surrounded by a black and blue circle. Quite a good look I must say. A sneaker with dog food stuck in its treads. And one very wet and dirty pair of dress slacks. Not bad for one day, huh?

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